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[Review] Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA+++

Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA+++

Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA+++

Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA+++

Description A very water-resistant sun protection lotion that provides reliable defense against UV rays while offering advanced skincare benefits. Ideal for face and body, and especially formulated for strong sunlight conditions.
Usage Instructions Shake well before use. Before sun exposure, apply a generous amount of lotion evenly to face and body. When using on face, apply following skincare. To remove, rinse off thoroughly using daily cleanser.
Price (Paid / In Stores) S$45-48 (@DFS in airports during travels)/ S$59

Effectiveness Rating (Out of 10, per property)

Property Rating Remarks/ Results
Claim 1: Protects skin from UVA/UVB rays and helps reduce signs of photo-aging with exclusive SuperVeil-UV 360 technology. Formulated with Profense CEL, a complex of ingredients that inhibits enzyme activity* and damage to cells and DNA*— factors linked to the formation of wrinkles and dark spots. Contains Thiotaurine and Rose Apple Leaf Extract, proven to counteract oxidation.*
*in-vitro test
Nil I lumped all the long-term benefits claims here since I can’t judge for now on how it is proving to be. But I trust the high values and place great hope in the anti-aging technology.
Claim 2: Absorbs quickly and feels comfortable on skin. 9/10 Absolutely! It goes on feeling greasy initially, but once you figure out the right amount to use (~1.3cm diameter droplet for me), and once it absorbs, it’s NEARLY matte. Not fully dry, but good enough for a sunscreen! Yes, it is comfortable enough that I don’t feel it on my skin like some other sunscreens.
Claim 3: Promotes a smoother application of foundation and a lasting makeup finish. 7/10 Agreed on the smoother application part. But I don’t actually use foundations, just a super awesome powder (from Juice Beauty, which I will definitely share abt soon!), and NARS blush in Deep Throat. This sunscreen acts as my primer, and works well for me. As for lasting makeup finish, I just take joy that at the end of the day, my face doesn’t melt as much as it used to.
Claim 4: Very water-resistant and perspiration-resistant. 9/10 Quite true this! How do I know? Because every morning after applying this sunscreen, I wash my hands with Dettol soap and rinse off with water, and the soap doesn’t lather properly, plus I still feel a layer of the product on my palms. And it holds up against perspiration well too. I walked around under the scorching 12-3pm afternoon sun in Bangkok with only this to shield my face, no hats, no sunglasses. And I was initially sure that I was gonna get burnt, or get a shade darker. But no burns, and I didn’t get tanner! I am one of those that tans super easily without protection and this sunscreen held up against my perspiration for me. I’m really impressed!
Claim 5: Removes easily with basic cleaners. 6/10 Not so sure about this claim (see above description about washing hands with Dettol). Well, if by basic cleaners, they mean just generic facial wash, then yes, it does wash off – but only after 2-3 washes for me. I don’t use OCM or actual oil-based removers. But my cleansing ritual at night is a 3-step approach. First, wipe down with a water-based makeup remover using a cotton ball, then a foaming powder wash, lastly, Clarisonic and Philosophy’s Purity. Might even top up with a light scrub if I feel like my face is too congested. So if you are only hoping for a one-wash-get-all-off with this product, I don’t recommend it.
Claim 6: Non-Comedogenic. 7/10 I’m half-hearted on this claim. Because even though this doesn’t break me out, it seems to cause some clogging (white heads) for me. Nothing serious, like I said, I don’t break out from this, hence, the clogging seems to be clearable. I’m not exactly sure how to put it, but I have a sneaky suspicion that my chin and forehead gets clogged by this when used in combination with my rosehip oil. But I’m not giving up both, they have more benefits than the con of additional white heads, which can be cleared with regular exfoliation, and facials. Besides, it is just my suspicion so far. And then there is this ingredient “Tocopherol” in this product. This is essentially Vitamin E, and I also have a sneaky suspicion that Vitamin E causes my skin to clog. Thankfully, it is the last item on the list of ingredients (meaning containing least percentage of it). I must stress that I really don’t break out from this. I have slept overnight with it, more than 40 hours without washing (drunk then hungover), and there was only a minor white-heads issue that cleared within 1 day after I washed and scrubbed, and applied Oxy.
Packaging 8/10 Hard opaque screw cap bottle, with ball bearings in it to even out the texture when you shake before use. I kind of like the ball bearings, because besides the main function to even out the mixture, it helps give an indication of how much of the product is left too. Great size for traveling, and I don’t have to worry about the product getting squeezed out during transits or because of air pressure in planes, unlike creams in tubes.
Smell & Texture 9/10 Smell is acceptable, mild sunscreen smell that goes away even before I’m done applying the product evenly on my face. The sunscreen is a white milky liquid texture that I find just right for easy application. Not too runny that it rolls off your palms even before you apply it to your face, but not too viscous that it feels creamy or hard to spread. As mentioned, greasy upon initial application, but coax (smear, tap, pat, massage, palm) the sunscreen in and it will feel light enough that you almost cannot feel it.

Overall Rating & Thoughts

Below 50% FAIL
♥♥ 50% to 65% Lukewarm, probably won’t buy again.
♥♥♥ 66% to 75% Not bad, but easily replaceable.
♥♥♥♥ 76% to 85% Nice, worth repurchasing.
♥♥♥♥♥ 86% to 100% Excellent! Must have!

My favourite sunscreen so far! I’m on my second bottle. The first one lasted me a good 4 months or so. I will keep going back to this and surely recommend it to people looking for something lightweight on the skin, but heavy-duty on sun protection. Price is acceptable, especially when bought during sales or while traveling (airports; I love duty-free shopping!).


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