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[Review] Dr G Mild UV Cutting Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++

Dr G Mild UV Cutting Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++

Dr G Gowoonsesang Mild UV Cutting Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++
45ml Cr Vol.

Description It applied strong UV filtering system. Provides complete and long lasting protection against UVA/UVB rays and environmental aggressors. Supply moisture and protects your skin against UV rays. It is enriched with natural ingredients, without any Talc, preservatives, artificial colors, benzophenone or animal oil. Enriched with hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients recognized for their ability to support you, each of these unique formulations works on a cellular level to help face skin achieve and maintain a clearer, healthier look.
Usage Instructions Use 20 minutes before heading outdoor, spread appropriate amount onto the face and body.
Price (Paid / In Stores) S$32/ S$40

Effectiveness Rating (Out of 10, per property)

Property Rating Remarks/ Results
Claim 1: Provide strong UV filtering system for complete and long-lasting protection against UVA/UVB rays and environmental aggressors 6/10 I don’t doubt the product’s high SPF and PA values, but I’m not sure about the long-lasting part. It seems be be gone by mid-day, perhaps because of the oil on my face. Thus, my face is almost always left without much protection during lunch time (when I’m out in the sun hunting for food).
Claim 2: Non-greasy 8/10 This sunscreen is one of the first cream-type that I have tried that really wasn’t greasy or thick! It’s is not matte either, but definitely doesn’t feel like an additional layer on top of my skin. In fact, if I only use toner and moisturizer beneath this, my face is semi-matte!
Claim 3: Brighten skin tone 5/10 Not quite so for my case. Not much change in my skin tone.
Smell & Texture 8/10 Smells nice! There is a very mild sunscreen smell, but other than that, I quite like the smell. Texture and colour-wise, it is a very light peach-coloured cream that doesn’t add any colour to your face once applied.
Packaging 7/10 Pretty standard packaging for creams – squeeze tube. Hygienic and easy to use.
Others: Washing off 8/10 Doesn’t require specific removers; normal cleanser would get rid of it. Purity with Clarisonic ensures a clean sweep.

Overall Rating & Thoughts

Below 50% FAIL
♥♥ 50% to 65% Lukewarm, probably won’t buy again.
♥♥♥ 66% to 75% Not bad, but easily replaceable.
♥♥♥♥ 76% to 85% Nice, worth repurchasing.
♥♥♥♥♥ 86% to 100% Excellent! Must have!

Dr G Mild UV Cutting Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++I pretty much like this sunscreen! It’s my favourite so far in terms of texture (not too thick, not too drying, not greasy). I also love that it has so many natural extracts and un-harmful ingredients! It also didn’t break me out!

The gripes I have with this are:

1. Price (for this price, I’ve switched to Shiseido Perfect UV Protector!)

2. Because of the nature of my skin, I think my natural oils clear off the sunscreen pretty quickly. Hence, I don’t seem to see its effectiveness. Or perhaps it’s because of the number of products I use before layering this on, that I need a drier sunscreen (trying Shiseido Perfect UV Protector, dry milky texture).

I will definitely keep this in mind in future when I’m thinking of changing sunscreen again. I truly like it and perhaps when my face is less oily, or when I’m prepping my face with lesser products, I’ll come back to this!


3 comments on “[Review] Dr G Mild UV Cutting Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++

  1. vv
    July 17, 2015

    does it suitable for dry to combination oily skin .tq

    • gurl not found
      July 19, 2015

      Yes, I believe it is ok to use on dry skin. It is a milky texture. But you might wanna try it at Sasa stores first.

      • vv
        July 19, 2015


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