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[Review] Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

philosophy microdelivery exfoliating wash

Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
120ml (4 fl oz) 

Item I bought is the 4 fl oz one, not as shown in picture, but the same product.

Description Exfoliating facial cleanser that provides immediate resurfacing benefits. A 30-second cleansing mini peel that can be conducted in the shower, in the bath or at your bathroom sink. Regular exfoliation helps buffer fine lines, even skin tone, and give the skin a healthy glow. Gentle enough for daily use.
Usage Instructions Apply to slightly damp face, and massage for 30-60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly. Use once daily, morning or evening (on makeup-free skin). Follow with appropriate treatment and moisturizer.
Price S$25

Effectiveness Rating (Out of 10, per property)

Property Rating Remarks/ Results
Claim 1: Provides immediate resurfacing benefits 10/10 I really felt a difference using it just once. No more flakiness or corny surface on my face (other than bumps from pimples and blackheads). All raised surface caused by dead skin was eradicated (sides of nose), or minimised (healing blemishes).
Claim 2: Buffer fine lines 6/10 Points because it is gentle enough for use near the eyes but it doesn’t buffer away my fine lines, just reduces the depth of it slightly. But without proper moisturisation, it all comes back.
Claim 3: Even skin tone 7/10 Once dead skin was removed, what I saw was peachy clean skin (if I cover my recovering blemishes). So it’s still not as awesome as a real peel that removes the dead skin of blemishes, but it’s fairly awesome. If your skin doesn’t have severe hyperpigmentation, this is gonna be the cure for the faint marks left behind.
Claim 4: Give the skin a healthy glow 6/10 Not exactly a glow, but more a smoother surface that reflects light better. It does bring about a nice peachy colour probably because blood circulation is better but this is a temporal result.
Claim 5: Gentle enough for daily use 10/10 This is the first exfoliating wash that I truly find comfortable using on my face daily! Omg, it works well as an exfoliator and yet is gentle enough to use everyday! This means I can clear the dead skin accumulated on my skin everyday, without drying my face up.
Smell 6/10 Same as most Philosophy’s products, the smell is non-fragranced. So it’s “chemically natural” smelling. Not too overwhelming.
Texture 9/10 I usually put “Smell and Texture” and rate them together. But I had to break this up because the texture of this scrub is truly what I love about it and the reason why it works divinely. The scrub granules are very fine but incredibly dense, in a runny paste! This means plenty of “workers” cleaning your face, while the runny texture of the paste ensures a good spread with little friction. It could be a bit less runny though, then the scrubbing process can be more controlled.
Packaging 8/10 I bought the second smallest bottle because of the reviews everywhere about the larger bottles’ packaging. With this small bottle, there’s no clogging issue because it’s not a pump or dispenser, it’s just a flip cover and a hole that you can pour the product out of. And no “settled sediment” issues that causes the product to become just watery with no scrub granules. Product also won’t become “yellow” because it’s stored for so long.
Price Value 7/10 The smallest size doesn’t retail at most Sephora outlets and it’s less value buying the smallest bottle. Luckily, 120ml could probably last me 2-3 months, tops.

Overall Rating & Thoughts

Below 50% FAIL
♥♥ 50% to 65% Lukewarm, probably won’t buy again.
♥♥♥ 66% to 75% Not bad, but easily replaceable.
♥♥♥♥ 76% to 85% Nice, worth repurchasing.
♥♥♥♥♥ 86% to 100% Excellent! Must have!

I love this scrub, truly love it as a gentle daily exfoliator. This is like buffing paper, the finest type, that adds a sheen to the surface it buffs.

I think different types of scrubs yield different results. With coarser scrubs like the Skinfood’s Black Sugar Mask, it scrubs off chunkier dead skin. With this exfoliator, it buffs and removes the finer dead skin. Kind of like the different buffing surfaces of a nail buffer (those with super coarse to super smooth surfaces), from removing ridges, to smoothening, then to buff and shine. Philosophy’s The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash is a scrub that’s towards the buffing and shining spectrum of all scrubs.

I can’t seem to find this 120ml (4 oz) bottle anywhere else other than from Philosophy’s website directly. I got this bottle from Sephora Singapore at Ion but it wasn’t an item on the shelf. It was a reserved item that was specially requested by a customer who didn’t turn up to purchase. I had a great chat with the BA and only after some rapport building, did he take this out to allow me to purchase it.

Think I’ll buy the 240ml (8 oz) bottle and transfer it out into the smaller bottle. The problem with the clogging, I suspect, is that if the product has to squeeze through a small opening to get out, the beads are just gonna get stuck in the opening and over time dries up, and this opening gets clogged. Each time you squeeze product out, less beads arrive onto your palm, hence the reviews about the product becoming too watery or having no beads after using for some time. With the smallest bottle, there’s no such problem as the hole is quite large and I can just tip the bottle so the product flows out without much squeezing.

For those with the bigger bottles, especially the pump, I would suggest transferring them out into bottles that allows you to pour it out easily rather than using it directly from the tiny-hole dispenser of the original bottle (the same dispenser packaging as Purity does not work with this scrub!).

This is my top exfoliator thus far. I will be repurchasing when I am finishing my current supply!


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