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[Review] Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Philosophy Purity Made Simple
One-Step Facial Cleanser,  240ml (8 fl oz)

Description A highly effective one-step facial cleanser. Philosophy Purity Made Simple is a pH-balanced formula that rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup while deep cleaning pores. The best-selling cleanser contains infusions of sage, chamomile, and carrot. Purity Made Simple is part of a collection of Philosophy products designed to soothe even the most dry and sensitive skin.
Usage Instructions – Massage a small amount of cleanser and water onto skin for 30-60 seconds.
– Rinse at a leisurely pace.
– Use at the beginning and end of each day.
Price S$32

Effectiveness Rating (Out of 10, per property)

Property Rating Remarks/ Results
Claim 1: One Step Facial Cleanser 6/10 Marketed as a makeup remover, cleanser and toner in one, I found it lacking as a makeup remover for heavy duty waterproof makeup. As a toner, not quite there either. As a cleanser, it’s superb.
Claim 2: Deep cleansing pores 7/10 Skin indeed feels very clean if there’s not much on face to begin with. But this doesn’t get that deep into pores because I’ve used a honey wash and felt granules of presumably hardened sebum coming out as I massaged my face. That’s deep cleansing.
Claim 3: pH-balanced, suitable even for dry and sensitive skin 10/10 I have oily/combination skin and I’ve suffered from some chemical burns recently (over-zealous with lemon juice). I found myself reaching for this cleanser out of all other cleansers on my counter. It’s very gentle and there was no sting or irritation to my hurt skin. After wash, skin is not dried up or tight. It’s very comfortable.
Smell & Texture 7/10 Smell is quite “chemically natural”, if there’s such a thing. There’s no fragrance, so the smell is a natural blend of whatever ingredients are in it. Not over-powering though, still acceptable. Texture is slightly runny for a cleanser, but very smooth and glides onto skin comfortably.
Packaging 7/10 I almost love everything about the packaging – clear plastic allows you to know how much is left, minimalistic design, dispenser bottle. But the nozzle of the dispenser does something that irks me which is why I knocked off some points: each time I press it open, it spits some product out of the opening. If I don’t “catch” it in time, with my palm, a drop of product is wasted every time I use it!
Price Value 6/10 It’s pretty costly for a cleanser. I can get the same results for a clean and un-tight skin with Olay for $3.90. What it does that Olay doesn’t, is that it is more gentle on the skin.

Overall Rating & Thoughts

Below 50% FAIL
♥♥ 50% to 65% Lukewarm, probably won’t buy again.
♥♥♥ 66% to 75% Not bad, but easily replaceable.
♥♥♥♥ 76% to 85% Nice, worth repurchasing.
♥♥♥♥♥ 86% to 100% Excellent! Must have!

Uh oh. Ratings not so high with this “Almighty”, “HG status” cleanser that’s rocking the rest of the world. For me, if it doesn’t claim to be an all-in-one cleanser, it’s ratings would probably be higher. The selling claim just didn’t go through. I tested it with Urban Decay’s 24/7 waterproof eyeliner and some Maybelline waterproof mascara (forgot which), and these didn’t just come off with one wash. In fact, after 3 washes, I thought I was done, but when I used my toner on cotton pad and went across my eyes, there was still some black residue. Major fail for me, especially after using an ample amount after 3 times.

On the other hand, I did test it out with non heavy-duty makeup (sunblock, BB cream, blusher, eyeshadows) and with a double cleanse, everything did come out and yet my skin was not dried up or tight. So I suppose with general everyday makeup, this does a fine job. But for many gals, eye liners are a part of general everyday makeup. And if this doesn’t do a good job at removing it, then it doesn’t quite make the cut as a makeup remover.

This is also my cleanser of choice for when my skin is fragile (e.g. using the Olay Pro-X, sun burnt, after a chemical peel etc.) because it’s super gentle and doesn’t sting or cause more pain on top of what the other processes have brought about.

So I think it’s an O-K product, I would continue using until something better comes along.


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