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[Review] Skinfood Ginseng Mask, Wash off

Skinfood Ginseng Mask 1

Skinfood Ginseng Mask
Wash off, 100g

Description Ginseng Mask can rejuvenate dull-looking skin into a more radiant glow, achieve supple skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and also prolong aging of skin. This Ginseng Mask has a texture of massage gel with white ginseng powder that acts as a mild exfoliant to reveal a clearer skin.
Usage Instructions After washing, apply an ample amount onto the face. Leave for 5 minute, and then rinse off with lukewarm water.
Price (Paid / In Stores) S$14.90 / S$31.90

Effectiveness Rating (Out of 10, per property)

Property Rating Remarks/ Results
Claim 1: Rejuvenate dull-looking skin, into a more radiant glow 7/10 It did have a brightening effect on my skin after 3 weeks, but radiant glow, not much. Initially I only masked my face, but I started masking my neck with this too, to minimise the colour difference.
Claim 2: Supple skin 6/10 Don’t feel a big difference in suppleness after washing off. Not much added bounce or dewy feeling.
Claim 3: Prolong skin aging N/A No rating because this claim can’t be confirmed.
Smell & Texture 8/10 Smells like ginseng alright! If you cannot stand the smell of ginseng, it might take a while to get past the smell. Texture is jelly-liquid-ish with small bits suspended in it.
Packaging 5/10 While the packaging is adorable, and not cheap-looking since it’s made of glass and not plastic, it’s in a tub. This texture is suitable for a squeeze tube! Sorry, I’m more into functionality than aesthetics.
Others: Time-saving 9/10 It only takes 5 minutes and you get the goodness of ginseng! Quick perk for the face just before you hit the sack.

Overall Rating & Thoughts

Below 50% FAIL
♥♥ 50% to 65% Lukewarm, probably won’t buy again.
♥♥♥ 66% to 75% Not bad, but easily replaceable.
♥♥♥♥ 76% to 85% Nice, worth repurchasing.
♥♥♥♥♥ 86% to 100% Excellent! Must have!

I think I bought this because:

1. It’s such a great value getting it online compared to the price it’s sold for in stores.
2. It’s in the more “premium” mask range.
3. It’s ginseng, and the mask is from a Korean skincare brand. Korean + ginseng. It has to be good, no?

My favourite plus point about this is the short amount of time needed to apply the mask. If the mask has actual effects in the  foreseeable future (4-6 months), I absolutely would continue getting it. Because for just 5 minutes a day, it’s worth it! I applied this 2-3 times a week, for the past month and there’s still 80% left in the tub. Hmm, am I using too little each time? I even mask my neck!

There’s no real visible results but I’m still hoping it’s a mild mask that gives long-term benefits rather than instant effects.


2 comments on “[Review] Skinfood Ginseng Mask, Wash off

  1. WithLoveShmon
    July 17, 2012

    hmmmm maybe i’ll try this! thx for the review! 🙂

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