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Aspirin Honey Mask – superb DIY cure for acne and zits

What have I been up to these days? Fighting a crazy outbreak that flared into something hideous that was my face for the past week. So I googled and sought for solutions to cure my acne fest and contemplated the following:

  • Birth control pills – Yasmin in particular. I’ve taken this before for my skin issue for 3 years. In the 3 years, I had awesome peachy skin that rarely broke out. Even during that time of the month, I would have at most 2 spots that I could settle with Oxy, that would go away within the 5 days and left nothing on my face. So why did I stop and why did I not simply turn to Yasmin for my current condition? Because I gained 15kg. Ok, enough said.
  • Clay masks – I turned to my previously featured Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay mask for a solution. It helped with the ongoing pimples but because I was desperate to cover up my scars and redness in the day, I slathered on makeup (bb creams, concealer, pressed powders) like never before. In the end, while the clay mask did its job, it wasn’t able to handle the great amount of clogged pores and new pimples just kept popping up. This was also exacerbated by the arrival of my period. Darned hormones!
  • Tea tree oil – yes, I bought it. But it’s in the shipment that also contains my Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System. Meaning, it’s not in my possession yet! I know it’s readily available in stores around Singapore, but I was shopping on and had already added it to my order, hence I decided to wait on this option.
  • Aspirin Honey Mask – so then this came up in my research and nearly every single person who did this, had a good review to add. With the ingredients so readily available in pharmacies, I made my choice and went with this solution.

Plenty of stuff said about the Aspirin Honey mask on the internet already, so I will just shorten it. Aspirin is salicyclic acid in a pill and honey is a humectant (retains moisture) and also has anti-oxidant properties. So the aspirin dries up the zits while the honey protects the skin. Best to use uncoated aspirins and Manuka honey (the darker the honey, the more anti-oxidants). So I got this box of Bayer aspirin at Unity Pharmacy for $6+, and the Manuka honey at Carrefour for $26+. Then I headed to Sasa for the DIY masks tools (bowl, spatula, brush) and it cost me $4. Took all these home and proceeded with my mask.

I know honey can get messy, so after removing my makeup, before I bathed, I did the mask. So I knew however messy I get, I’m gonna be bathing afterwards anyway.

First I crushed up 3 aspirins. There are recipes for 5-6 pills but those are for 1-2 times a week treatments. I was going to use this everyday till my pimples were annihilated, so I took it slow and steady rather than over drying my skin and irritating it more.

Then I added green tea powder (Matcha Green Tea for anti-oxidant properties) and the tiniest drop of lavender oil. While it has calming properties and is good for pimples, lavender oil cannot be used in large qty or un-diluted on skin. Too much of lavender oil also causes its fumes to sting the eyes. If I had tea tree oil by this time, I would replace with one drop of tea tree oil.

Finally, mix all the ingredients into a nice thick paste. It kinda looks like wasabe to me. The strongest smell is that of lavender. I applied it to my problem areas, and it’s mainly everywhere except my forehead (sickening).

After about 30min, I wash this off in the shower and bathe as well. Oh just before washing it off, I wet my hands and gently scrub my face. The aspirin powder is an awesome scrub, but it might be a bit too harsh for delicate skin, so you need to be careful and gentle with this. I also apply whatever is left on my hands to my elbows and knees and scrub those too!

Skin is super smooth and soft afterwards, but it could be a bit dry. I tend to apply a moisturizing, healing or calming sheet mask (aloe, snail mucin, cucumber) right after. Then after this sheet mask, I rinse my face and finish off with my daily skincare. On top of my snail sleeping mask, I would apply the clay mask as a pimple cream on the millions of tiny bumps that are still hanging around on my face.

After repeating this crazy regime for 4 days straight, into the weekend, my skin finally cleared up! Well, not 100% but the remaining bumps are minuscule and minimal. I bet it helped that I didn’t have to apply any makeup during the weekend and I could clay-mask/moisturise/clay-mask all the way throughout in the daytime on Saturday and Sunday. The aspirin honey mask I applied religiously for 4 nights straight (thu, fri, sat, sun), right before I bathe at night, together with the clay-masking, my skin is now almost zit-free but scars-full! So on the 5th night, which is Monday night, I lowered my dosage of aspirin and upped the honey and green tea powder for one last treatment, just in case there are more hidden gunk not finished with wreaking havoc on my face. Then instead of a calming sheet mask, I went for two brightening/whitening one (ginseng wash off and pearl extract sheet).

Today (Tuesday), there are about 3-5 tiny bumps on my cheeks. And there are still some red pigmentation left behind by the awesome pimple party that happened last week, but it’s fading and healing well! The current tiny bumps, I’m dying to zap with my clay mask. If only I could apply it in the office! These tiny bumps are probably caused by microscopic residue makeup in pores. Anyway, I just cannot wait for my Pro-X to arrive. It’s at vpost USA and delivery paid for already!! So excited. Excited. Excited!


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