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severe lust: Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System & Clarisonic Mia


I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these, and guess what? I caved. Yes, after lusting for about a year, and with the recent onslaught of outbreaks (time of the month, especially bad this round), I took it as a sign from the Divine Ones in the Celestial Skin Care Department. I finally got an Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System. Yes, it’s in transit, on delivery. Somewhere in Vancouver. Got it on for USD21.99 and it’s something I have sky-high hopes on to clearing my skin and keeping my pores clean.

Eventually, I’ll get a Clarisonic Mia; when I’ve the extra moo-lah. For now, I shall make do with the Olay Pro-X and see if my skin is suited for such a cleansing routine. I think (and hope), with the Pro-X, I’ll be raving nonstop about what it does for my skin. And then I’m gonna think “hmm, if a 30 bucks (incl. shipping) product can do this to my face, what can a 160 bucks product effectuate?” So, I’m gonna be using my Pro-X for a bit, and pray my face absolutely improves, while I start saving up for a Mia.

I need to get this lust out of my system, or I’m gonna burst. Seriously, at times when I get morbid thoughts (quite often, cos I’m not afraid of speaking/thinking of death. I mean, it’s a natural process and happens to every living thing.), I will think about my dying moments and what I’ll regret. One of the silliest stuff that pops into my head, would be whatever I’m lusting for at that point in my life. It could be a pair of shoes, the newest IT gadget, a makeup item..anything I set my sights on. So if I die, say, the next moment, one of the things I’ll be regretting would be “OMG I HAVEN’T HAD THE CHANCE TO TRY THE CLARISONIC MIA!!” Yes ok, I’m shallow like that. It’ll be amongst other things, but yeah.. I am a shopaholic and I need to get my fix or else I’ll act out.

And to assuage my guilt, I resisted for almost a year before I took the plunge into the baby pool (Pro-X is just $30!). It’s not like I went into the deep end and got a Mia right away, right? Yes, I must be right. Okay, move aside Guilt.

These systems claim to clean one’s face 6 times better and improve nearly everything about the skin, and eventually helps the absorption of creams and serum into skin very much more. Millions of reviews on the trusty internet show that these two products, helped improve skin tone, texture, reduced pores’ size, cleansed better, reduced breakouts, and overall made skin good.

Mr. Courier-man @ VPost, HURRY UP with my package! I need to get my pores cleaner than it is now!


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