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snow white, so bright.

I’m facing a commonly-occurring problem that many girls encounter; my face is fairer than my neck and naturally, the rest of my exposed skin. Because of the multitude of products I bestow upon my face, even though they’re not specifically for whitening, there is still such an effect. It’s not that I forget my neck, I do apply my creams and masks there too, but naturally my face gets more products (serums, essences) and thus the situation now.

Now my face is fairer than my neck, and with makeup (e.g. BB creams and powders), there’s almost a border I can draw around my face! Ok, so I’m exaggerating somewhat, but the point is, I feel like a geisha..a very tanned geisha, when I apply makeup these days.

I never thought I’m ever gonna be searching for whitening products. I’ve always been a sun-worshipper. I adore the warmth of the sun and I embrace it. After all, it’s the biggest star and main source of heat and light energy found in our solar system (known to man so far). There’s no point hiding from it because it’s a staple. You know the world goes on because one constant thing in this ever-changing world, is the sun rising everyday. So that’s why I embrace this awesome star. I’ve always reveled in being slightly tanned and when I can, I turn my face up to the sky during the afternoons, just to feel the sun’s warmth on my face.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use sunblock. I know the harmful effects of the sun. I just don’t chase after “skin as white as snow”. But now, I find myself searching for a solid whitening product. And ohmygod, whitening products are so much more expensive than normal products! The demand’s too high, it’s pushing the prices of such products up too!

The illogical thing is, what I intend to spam on my neck, and perhaps arms, will cost more than what I sparingly apply to my face! How silly does that sound now..?

Anyway, I’m eyeing a couple of whitening products now (mainly for my neck and arms *facepalm*):

  • Laneige White Plus Renew Night Cream, $42.50 online (#$%@#%^*@#)
  • Skinfood Tomato Whitening Cream, $21.90 online
  • TonyMoly Tomatox Brightening Mask, $28.90 at stores

Anyone has a good whitening product to introduce that won’t blow a hole in my pocket and won’t make me feel guilty for only applying it to my neck and arms? :s


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