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keep an eye on this: Dr. G! …& giveaways soon!

Dr. G aka Gowoonsesang pore care line! I’ve been eyeing this brand’s oily/combination skincare line for the longest time. I first came to know about this brand when I stepped into Sasa about 2 months back. Ok I really don’t like going into Sasa because 1. their SAs can get a bit pushy, 2. the prices of their products, even after discount, is still not comparable to what you can find online.

So if I wasn’t looking to try out certain product samples (e.g. BB cream colours, loose powder textures), I wouldn’t have gone in. If I hadn’t gone in, it would have taken me longer to notice this awesome brand, Dr. G. I’ve been using the Pore Concealing Magic Balm. This is Dr. G’s answer to Benefit’s Dr. Feelgood.

pore concealing magic balm

Pore Concealing Magic Balm completely covers fine wrinkles and enlarged pores with its strong anti-oxidant effect of Multi Vitamin Complex while controlling excessive sebum at all daytime. 

With its sebum controlling effect, it controls oily skin around nose and T-zone area to optimize your skin condition before wearing a makeup while providing perfectly natural, all day long coverage with a soft-matte finishing. 

I’m gonna skip a lengthy review and just say it doesn’t exactly conceal pores but rather, it fills your pores nicely, without clogging them up, providing you with smooth skin surface such that when you apply foundation/ BB cream on top of this, you look like you have baby smooth skin. If worn alone, you can still see your pores but it provides a very delightful matte, velvety finish. There is also some oil control in this product because when I use it, my skin stays non-oily for a longer period (about 1-2 hours more before I usually see shine). I got this for about $30+ (eeks! pricey, yes. but Dr. G is not the average korean beauty brand. it’s part clinical too!).

What I’m eyeing now, is their Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream. Their regular BB Creams (Hydra Intensive & Brightening Balm) have superb raves and now that they have this for my skin type, I’m just super psyched! Can’t wait to lay my paws on this!

On a separate note, I cleared and re-organised my skincare & beauty products yesterday and found I have a ton of samples and stuff to giveaway! So I’m thinking of doing exactly that soon, probably by mid or end of next month!

I’ll probably be picking some winners from the followers of this blog and contacting them to send the samples to! Start following this blog for some freebies and do introduce your gals here too. Share some beauty and skincare loving and you’ll get some back!


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