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[Review] Etude House Black Head Deep Heating Gel

Received the Etude House Black Head Deep Heating Gel and Pore Tightening Essence early this month and have been using the gel quite frequently. It’s in the same series as the Etude House Black Head Remover Dual Sheet I’d previously written about.

It took me a while to be able to actually pen something down about the gel, but for the essence, it’s nearly useless for me. So I won’t bother getting the Etude House Pore Tightening Essence again; it doesn’t help my pores much.

Summary (for the Etude House Black Head Deep Heating Gel)

1. Inexpensive at $8.90 online.
2. Really heats up and serves as a good scrub too.
3. With prolonged use, this product eases out the long-surviving blackheads for easier extraction.
4. It has clay. I have a soft spot for any skincare products with clay because of my oily skin.

1. Tough to squeeze out.
2. Heating effect doesn’t last long enough for my liking.
3. No immediate visible effects, more of a ‘sidekick’ product.

Etude House Black Head Heating Deep Clean Gel

Etude House Black Head Deep Heating Gel
Scrub out blackheads after dissolving them with oil.


  1. Apply little amount on nose after face wash.
  2. Gently massage evenly on forehead, nose, and neck area.
  3. Wait for 1 minute while gel transforms into oil, then massage again.
  4. Wash off with warm water to finish.

Firstly, I’m not sure this is a gel. It’s more like a very thick clay-ish cream? Not what I would picture a gel-like product to be. The smell is a surprisingly nice lemony citrus one. It’s a 50ml squeeze tube and cost me $8.90 via qoo10. I think I saw it in stores for $18.90, but I can’t confirm this figure.

It certainly heats up, but the heat lasts for only about 30 seconds. Because of the short heating time, I squeeze the product directly onto my nose and chin area rather than onto my hand first. I found that using the product while in a steamy bathroom also helped preserve the heat a bit more. As I start to spread the gel around, I can feel the scrub particles (presumably the Ghassoul Clay bits) getting warm. The particles are just right for me, not the big rough type that might scratch your skin, but not the overly fine type that makes you wonder if it’s doing anything at all. After about a minute, the clay-ish gel really becomes oil on my skin. I continue scrubbing for about 2 minutes more before washing off with warm water. The oil washes off very easily, it’s not like an oil cleanser where you would need a foaming wash to get rid off. There’s no oily residue, presumably because there’s also clay. So after washing off with warm water, skin feels very clean!

The reason why I mentioned it took me a while to say anything about this product is because the effect isn’t immediate. In fact, I nearly wrote off this product because I didn’t see anything happening. What kept me using it was the fact that it heats up – so pores are opened, and it scrubs – so dead skin is cleared, which I want as a prep for other blackheads removal products (e.g. pore packs or peel-off masks).

The results kicked in after about 3 weeks (3-4 times weekly, mostly once in the evenings), when I noticed the deeply embedded blackheads are starting to surface and even disappear. Whether it’s because of the scrubbing or the heating or the oil that eases the blackheads out, I don’t quite care, so long as there’s an effect! And even if this product doesn’t remove blackheads directly, it serves an important purpose of prepping my skin for extraction afterwards. Clay is also commonly used ingredient for cleaning pores by absorbing oil and providing sebum control. And this product has that effect too, albeit a bit mild.

One annoying drawback is that the gel is reeeaaaally hard to squeeze out of the tube. First usage, you would think that it’s filled so it should come out easily, right? No, I had to squeezed quite hard and the tube was quite deformed by the time I got the amount I wanted on my face. Have to ‘rearrange’ the tube into its shape each time after use.

So will I purchase this again? Yes, at this value and for what it does, it’s a staple in my weekly skincare regime and war against the blackheads!


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