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The Face Shop sample

What is this??

Got this sample from a qoo10 seller but I have no idea at all what this is! 😦

Updated on 12 June 2012
Found out its a mild cleansing cream good enough to remove light makeup. Made from job’s tears. Squeeze contents out, add some water and create a lather, then massage onto face. Rinse off with tepid water.

Tried it and found its quite a thick cream. A little goes a long way! Half pack of the sample was too much for my face. Need to rinse very thoroughly to remove. Skin felt very smooth and soft immediately after, albeit slightly taut (although maybe cos I was in air-conditioned room).

Well, mystery solved then. Cos I’ve got quite a few of these and I never touched them because I didn’t know what it does. Still don’t know the product name though!


2 comments on “The Face Shop sample

  1. I also received a sample of this. I used it as a face mask, it felt uncomfortable cause it dried up after about 5mins. :)) LOL. When i washed it, it turned out soapy and found out for myself that it was a facial wash. LOL.

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      July 31, 2012

      Hahah, I nearly used it as a face mask too!! Thankfully, I knew someone who could read and write Korean. Hehe it’s a pretty thick texture for a facial wash. 🙂

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