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[Review] Dermal Snail Hand Cream

Bought the Dermal Snail Hand Cream recently on qoo10 for only $4.90 inclusive of shipping! The cream smells nice to everyone I offered it to except to myself.

Dermal Snail Hand Cream
Description: Special treatment of the snail secretion
Price: $4.90
Size: 50g

Effectiveness Rating (out of 10, per property)


Property Rating Remarks
Moisturising 6 Felt that I needed frequent application.
Healing/ Repairing 7 I had a scratch by my cat, and I suspect this cream sped up the healing process!


Property Rating Remarks
Texture 8 Cream gel-ish, non-greasy, glides on easily so won’t tug skin
Smell 5 A bit strong for my liking but people around me like it
Price Value 8 Worth the price!
Absorbency 10 Fastest absorbed hand cream I’ve tried
Packaging 6 Squeeze tube is good; smooth screw cap not so great for a hand cream cos you want minimal contact

Overall Score and Verdict

Below 50% 50% to 65% 66% to 75% 76% to 85% 86% to 100%
FAIL Lukewarm, probably won’t buy again. Not bad, but easily replaceable. Nice, worth repurchasing. Must have! Part of beauty regime! Must stock up!

I find the smell too strong, kind of like a shampoo rather than a cream? Ok but seriously it doesn’t stink. It is a creamy white texture, nearly opaque.

Upon application, the cream glides on easily. Within 2min of nonstop massaging hands, the cream is nearly fully absorbed. I can touch my iPhone without worrying that it gets greasy just after 2-3min of application. That is a super big plus factor!

What I found lacking was the moisturizing effect. I don’t know if it’s due to the nature of snail creams or if it’s just this one, I didn’t find it moisturizing enough. Hence, I apply it like 3-5 times within 8 hours at work! Think I will finish it pretty soon, like in 3 weeks?

Pros: cheap if it’s on time sale, absorbs super fast, snail mucin is found to have healing properties for skin (scars, uneven skin tone)

Cons: not moisturizing enough, might finish very quickly and end up buying more, smell too strong (for me)

Will I buy again? Yes, if it’s on time sale at qoo10.


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