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battle with the blackheads

I really wanna share this. Those with blackheads problem ever since puberty, who have tried pore packs, scrubs, steaming, facials, extractions etc., and feel like giving up, I just wanna share my own experience in my lifelong battle against blackheads.

I’ll show the pictures first, then explain. Long post ahead!

1 June 2012

6 June 2012 (Before)

6 June 2012 (After)

Before 1 June, I bought Missha’s Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream and sleeping pack, used for about 2 weeks. It helped lessen my blackheads considerably because my skin is softened and hence blackheads are easier to come out. Yes, my condition was worse than in the first pic. On 1 June, I bought b.liv Off With Those Heads Serum and applied it religiously day and night, together with my daily skin care routine. On 6 June, I had a desperate urge to remove as much of my blackheads as possible. So I read and studied reviews and bought the Etude House Black Head Remover Dual Sheet.

Reaching home, I took the 6 June (Before) pic. This was after a long day of work and being out. Haven’t washed my face, no makeup, oily and grimy skin condition. Then I went to wash my face with a scrub. Blackheads were still there, but at least face feels cleaner and I suppose dead skin covering blackheads are gone. Then I applied my toner onto a cotton pad and put it on my nose for 10min, prepping and calming my nose for the next step.

Then I used hot water from the shower, wet a piece of folded tissue, applied it onto my nose to open the pores (no steamer, no hot towel, so quick fix was hot wet tissue). Immediately after removing the hot tissue, I dried my nose and applied the Etude House remover sheet 1. After about 15min, I removed the sheet. According to the packaging directions, wipe nose with cotton pad or cotton buds. I did it and saw not much effect. Not giving up, I decided to press the blackheads out with my fingers. Lightly of course, I squeezed with my thumbnail. Right away, 4 white/blackheads popped out!

Excited now, I grabbed my blackhead extractor (those that beauticians use on you in salons, metal stick with needle at one end and round looped circle at other), and started to do extraction. It was super easy to get those white/blackheads out! I didn’t hurt my skin, I didn’t have to use a lot of strength, I didn’t have to go over the same spot too much! There are of course some blackheads that are deeply buried with layers of skin over it, those I didn’t attempt to push out. Didn’t want to hurt my skin. Once I was satisfied with my extraction results, I applied sheet 2 for 15min. This is a cooling gel sheet, supposed to tighten and calm skin I guess.

After that, I washed my face clean with my daily cleanser (Olay Fresh Clarity) and took the 6 June (After) pic. Amazing right? I was really impressed (with the products and myself, haha).

7 June 2012, 11am

7 June 2012, 12.43pm

As you can see, my nose got dirty within 2 hours. That’s the sad story of my skin. These pictures are real, unedited.

For those with large pores, sad news is it’s really difficult to reduce the size and hence, dirt gets stuck in there easily. And this is a lifetime problem we need to deal with. Good news is as we secrete more natural oil, our skin ages less easily compared to people with dry skin (woohoo!).

I know the above described method includes extraction and some people don’t want to go through that. If I could, I wouldn’t want to either. But my blackheads have been around for the longest time and I found that short of extraction, normal cleaning and scrubbing is only effective in removing the newly-formed ones, not the stubborn ones.

What I learnt, is that clearing blackheads is a continuous process, and it is usually a combination of several targeted products that achieves results. One can’t be lazy with this, or the blackheads will all return to conquer your skin.

I’ve ordered Etude House’s Black Head Heating Deep Clean Gel and the Pore Tightening Essence. I know pores cannot be tightened, but an astringent is still needed for proper pore care. Will be implementing all these into my skincare regime.

And so my battle continues.


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