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i got pink-ed!

Hehe, did a pink streak in the inner layers of my hair (on 13 May 2012) such that can see only a little bit of it under non-windy circumstances! I don’t have a regular parting, so on days when I have to be more corporate, I’ll part my hair to cover the pink.

On more relaxed days (no meetings etc.), I’ll part to reveal the pink side. But because its so deeply buried within hair layers, even after parting on the pink side, it won’t reveal the whole patch, need to catch some wind or walk real quick to show off full pink-ed effect.


not overbleached

prepping for colour

Had my hair bleached first, but not till too pale, cos I said i didn’t want my hair strands to become too thin or break too easily (will go back for more colouring hence wanna keep the integrity of the hair strands!). Paid $50 in total for just this portion of hair.. pricey! Won’t last longer than 1 month, will have to keep going back for touch ups, and it’s $40 each time! 😦

Another drawback, I have been bathing in cold water, and washing my hair last rather than first. Each time the hair is washed, a little bit of pink comes off. Apparently, pink dye molecules are too big to be absorbed into hair follicles and are merely stuck on the surface or something. Nevertheless, I dig this look and the pink so much, I’m gonna keep going back for more!


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